Tailings Management System and Management of Risk

All tailings storage facilities (TSF) operated by Fortuna are subject to our /Tailings and Heap Leach Management Standard/, which requires that we locate, design, build, operate and close our TSF and our future heap leach facilities (HLF) according to a risk-based approach with site-specific data or as otherwise specified by local regulatory requirements, whichever is more stringent.

Fortuna’s /Tailings and Heap Leach Management Standard/ focuses in particular on the following areas throughout the life (including closure) of our TSF and HLF:

  1. TSF and HLF integrity:  design, construction, operation and maintenance.
  2. TSF and HLF governance: at the owner, responsible engineer and engineer of record levels.
  3. Monitoring, surveillance and audit: through geotechnical instrumentation, safety reviews and inspections, qualified professional engineer.
  4. Emergency preparedness and response: including monitoring conditions, assessing and mapping potential impacts, testing and training in emergency preparedness

As part of Fortuna’s risk management protocols, we continually assess our tailings dam management systems. Since last year Fortuna has planned and executed a comprehensive review of all of our tailings facilities.  The following actions resulted from that review:

  1. Annual independent audit plan of all TSF and HLF was conducted and reported to Fortuna’s Sustainability Committee
  2. Assignment of an /Engineer of Record/ for each TSF and HLF. Final appointment is pending formal documentation.
  3. Pond and pumping capacity on selected TSF were increased as a redundant emergency control measure.
  4. Stormwater management plans were reviewed and updated.
  5. The Operation, Maintenance and Surveillance manuals for all TSF were reviewed and updated in accordance with best practices.
  6. Geotechnical monitoring equipment and control points were updated and increased at selected facilities.
  7. The emergency response plans were reviewed and tested at each site.
The Church of England Pensions Board

The Church of England Pensions Board

Fortuna's reply to the The Church of England Pensions Board request for information on Tailings Dam Management


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