Sustainable growth in precious metal production

Financial stability

Cash1,2 (end Q3 2019)

US$72.2 million

$150.0 million credit facility

US$110.0 million drawn


  1. Prior to the completion of the US$40 million bought deal financing of 4.65% senior subordinated unsecured convertible debentures and the exercise of the Over-Allotment Option for gross proceeds of US$6 million which closed on October 2 and 8, 2019, respectively; refer to Fortuna news release dated October 2, 2019, “Fortuna Silver Mines Closes US$40 Million Bought Deal Financing of 4.65% Convertible Debentures” and to Fortuna news release dated October 8, 2019, “Fortuna Silver Mines Announces Closing of Convertible Debenture Over-Allotment Option”
  2. Cash position is Management’s unaudited estimate as at September 30, 2019

Proven mine builders and operators

  • Disciplined growth strategy
  • Bottom quartile operating costs


Fueling growth

Maximize production, profitability and cash flow of operating mines

  • Focus on operational efficiencies to reduce cash costs


Brownfields exploration

  • Exploration potential for new discoveries in and around land positions in Peru, Mexico and Argentina


Greenfields exploration

  • Generative programs to identify potential acquisition opportunities in Mexico and Argentina


Pursue M&A opportunities

  • Evaluate strategic acquisitions throughout the Americas and in select other areas
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